Spell Check - Learn Spelling


First of all… I just got started with Scrivener and still trying to learn the features present. Kudos to the entire team for making the wonderful software.

My concern…

While typing-in content, i did make some spell errors and tried to use the spell check facility, which also suggested a list of possible spellings. However, since the word which i typed-in was a keyword that has to be used for the entire document, i searched whether i could add this to a dictionary so that i can have it out of the spell check later. I couldn’t find any option (initially) and later on i saw an option Learn Spelling and clicked on it (expecting some information would be there about what the entered word means). To my surprise, nothing happened and the red color underline went off from my word.

Further to the browsing in the discussion topics, i came to understand that the option’Learn Spelling’ is meant for adding a word to a dictionary specific to a project (currently).

I would suggest that , instead of using the right-click option ‘Learn Spelling’ you could name the option as Add to dictionary, as it would be more meaningful and the option ‘Learn Spelling’ means for learning more about a word rather than adding to a dictionary.

Expecting more and more from your team…

Rithesh Krishnan

but the red color comes back when you have switched to a different text or when you have reopened the file.
the Learn feature doesn’t seem to remember that it has “learned” that word or phrase.
Perhaps as this other poster noted it should be changed to ‘add to dictionary’ and then actually have it added.
Is there a way that the dictionary could use a standard one for windows like the ‘MS word’ dictionary or some other ?