spell check "learnings" gone -- new PC but Old Project

I installed the beta windows ending in 8 and accessed my project. but the learning spell check library is empty :frowning:

Did I do something wrong or forget something? I have lots of backups…

I’m going to install the latest 09 beta…see what happens

thanks, Kerry

The learned words list is not specific to a project but is used globally; it is saved as a .ini file inside the Scrivener directory in your user AppData folder. Do you still have access to your other machine? If so, you can simply copy this file to the new computer and it will be recognized. The “Optional” section of this knowledge base article should cover it. You can just copy the wordlist.ini file if you don’t want the rest.

COOL! I do have access to the old machine. LOL I’m using a slower machine as I gave the new fast one to my wife for her business. May the gods shower her with profit :slight_smile:

I will grab that .ini file and whatever else is appropriate.



Okay, I located the wordlists.ini file (it was the only thing that was unique for my work) and copied it to the scrivener appdata folder as suggested below.

However, when I start up the Beta 08 version, I get this error that I’ve seen before:
“the program can’t start because QtSvg4.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.” I googled the above and did not come up with anything pertinent. Is this a false error and nothing to worry about? I’m using win764 bit.

the program starts anyhow. spell check is FIXED :slight_smile: