Spell check not working in one of two open documents

I have two open Scrivener projects on my laptop. (Yes, I am writing two books at once.) Both have “check spelling while typing” checked. However, it’s only working in one of them. And oddly, the document in which it is not working is now no longer typing typographer’s quotes (the ones that slant) but plain up and down quotes.

How can I fix this?


Hi April,

There seems to be some caching issue on Lion that is causing the OS X text system’s text checking (which handles things such as spell-checking and smart quotes) to fail in certain files. A handful of users have reported this, but it seems limited to certain system set-ups and machines, and if the project is sent to us it inevitably works fine.

The first thing to try is this:

  1. In the Finder, make a copy of the project (select it, hit cmd-C and then cmd-V).

  2. Open the copy of the project.

Does the copied version of the project exhibit the same problem?

All the best,

What I ended up doing is quitting Scrivener, rebooting my whole computer and then going back. And it went back to normal. Still have no idea why it was working in one document but not the other, but I guess I don’t need to know why.