Spell check not working

I downloaded scriverner from the apple store about 3 days ago and now the spell check has stopped working. I’ve tried the suggestions on various other boards (copying the document, checking that spell-check is running on my mac and in scrivener) but none seem to work. There must be some way to fix it! Please help!

Unfortunately a fairly recent OS X update appears to have partially or completely broken the spell checking system on some systems, especially with the Mac App Store version. It’s not a global problem, but some factor was introduced that is creating a new conflict. Spelling was working fine for months until recently. We think it might be entirely constrained to the App Store version, but not necessarily impacting all of installations. Unfortunately it is a little hard to even figure out what is wrong, since Scrivener itself doesn’t have a single line of code addressing the spell check system. That is entirely coming from the operating system.

Others have had success migrating to the direct-sale version (which you can do so for free, naturally) and just using that instead of the App Store version. This article describes the process necessary to do this successfully. So you could try that, if red underlining while you type is an important feature to you. If you can live without it, then the standard Cmd-; to jump from one misspelled word to the next should still work.

Thanks so much. It’s not just the underlining that’s broken, it’s not even picking up on words which have been spelled incorrectly at all. It seems to happen when I split the page. I’ll try switching to the other version. Thanks!

Okay that’s good to know that it goes deeper than just the underlining. Does it even not work if you pull up the spelling and grammar panel itself? What happens if you try changing the language in that panel to specifically the language you are writing in (U.S. English, etc)?