Spell-check obliterates inspector comment

When I’m writing a rough draft, I usually turn off the check-spelling-as-you-type option so I’m not constantly interrupting my flow to fix typos. I was just running a spell check using the “show spelling and grammar” pop-up window, and when I corrected the spelling of a word that was marked with an inspector comment, the replacement of that word deleted the comment.

Is there a (reasonable) way that this can be programmed around? If not, could you suggest an alternative way to use inspector comments that are linked to a single word, so that I don’t accidentally delete them this way?

Robert, I don’t know if you use footnotes in your writing, but if not perhaps you could temporarily use those instead, with the asterisk marker in the text. Not ideal, I know, but just a thought.

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This is an odd one - it shouldn’t happen and I’m not quite sure why it does. I’ve added it to the list for investigation.

Just to let you know that I spent some time investigating this yesterday. It seems to be down to an OS X bug. Essentially, there are two layers of attributes (formatting): those embedded in the text, which are part of the text itself, and the “typing attributes”, which are transient and just remembered by the text view for typing. Whenever you type, the “typing attributes” are used; whenever you click somewhere else in the text, the “typing attributes” are updated to use the same formatting as the text at the clicked point. This is all standard OS X behaviour.

Now, the text system will ask the program whether it wants to allow certain typing attributes, and in the case of Scrivener, it does not allow inspector footnotes or comments in the typing attributes. This is because it would be highly annoying if you clicked after a comment and started typing only to find that the comment was still attached to all of your new writing. And this seems to be the problem. Normally, when some plain text gets pasted into the editor, it will use the formatting embedded into the text at the point it is inserted. To see what I mean, try copying some plain text from a plain text editor, select text with a comment associated with it in Scrivener, and hit Paste. You’ll see that the plain text pasted in takes on the formatting, including the comment. However, the spell-checker seems to work differently - instead of grabbing the formatting that is part of the text, it is using the typing attributes. And because Scrivener doesn’t allow comments to become part of the typing attributes, this obliterates the comment.

Unfortunately, so far I cannot see a way around this. There’s no way of knowing, “Oh, this is just something being pasted by the spell-checker” and therefore allowing comments to be part of the typing attributes in certain situations. Hmm…

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I’ve reported this to Apple as bug ID #11229375. I note that the same bug affects Nisus and Pages - spell-checking wipes out comments in those applications, too.

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Screams to the sky, Wrath of Khan style Apple! echos through space

Thanks for looking into this. I may just make sure to highlight more than one word (or use *'s as suggested above) to avoid this in the future.