Spell Check Quirk

I am a very bad speller, so I get lots of words with red lines under them. This is a good thing. Sometimes when I click on a word with a red line under it I get a list of suggestions of the word I might be trying to write. This is also a good thing. But sometimes, instead of a list of correctly spelled words, I have the option to lookup the incorrectly spelled word. This is not a good thing. I cannot find any pattern to this behavior.

How do I make it stop?

Scrivener 3.1.2
OS 10.13.6

Adding to that, I get the same problem. And sometimes the misspelled word comes up as a suggested correction much later – ie another time, another document.
Not sure if this is an Apple or Scrivener issue

I was hoping the latest update would fix this problem, but it’s still there. The most annoying part is I can’t tell Scrivener to ignore that word. When I paste the text into TextEditor, I can “look up xxxxx”