Spell-check Quit Working

I searched for this and didn’t find a topic. So . . .

Spell-checking has been working for me on Scrivener since, like, 2006, and this week it stopped. I went through and checked the various appropriate boxes–they’re all still ticked as they were. Unticked them, reticked them, nada.

Searched the forum, searched again, having a vague recollection of some recent Apple spell-check kerfuffle that turned over Grammar and Spelling corrections to an eight-grader who wishes he were elsewhere. Tried spell-check in Pages, Notes, Mail–all working fine (and in this forum, too). Just not in Scrivener.

Spell-check-while-you-type is a handy tool for any writer, but it’s especially handy for an arthritic seventy-year-old whose fingers are no longer swiftly precise.

Anyone else similarly afflicted?

Mac 10.14.2, Scrivener 3.1.1

Are all the following shipshape and Bristol fashion?

• Apple Logo > System Preferences > Keyboard > Text > Correct spelling automatically (and Capitalise words automatically, if needed)

• And Scrivener > Preferences > Corrections > Correct spelling errors as you type

• And, for each project, Edit > Spelling and Grammar > Check Spelling While Typing

• And, optionally, Scrivener > Preferences > Corrections > Fix capitalisation of sentences

Expect so, but worth checking.

Slàinte mhòr.

And rebooted the Mac?

Slàinte mhòr.

I have the same problem. It’s not only spell-check, it’s also the general formats. Like, I can’t get the apostrophe or quotation marks to the right format. They used to automatically turn into the format I had selected and now no matter what every new apostrophe or quotation mark I write will be in wrong format. This is a hell of a pain in the ass, because I’m working on a document of several thousands of pages, and now all my new writing and editing has started to systematically accumulate errors in it.

All settings are as suggested. I’m using Scrivener 2, not 3. Hopefully somebody can shed some light on how to get rid of this problem.

Thanks. That’s always my first step. What appears to have worked, in a sense, was your suggestion to go into the Keyboard bit on Apple’s Preferences and tick Correct Spelling Automatically. That got Spell-Check working again, though in an entirely different way. Before, misspelled words would get squiggly red underlines. Now they spell themselves, though not always the word I’d intended.

I can work around it, but it’s annoying to have to. I blame Apple: Mojave was supposed to be a massive bug-fix; instead, it seems to have merely introduced new infestations.

This did the job. :laughing: Thanks.

This bug should be properly solved. The problem persists. It is sometimes solved by rebooting the computer, sometimes by restarting Scrivener, sometimes it requires the magic of randomly doing all kinds of things, and then it always returns. Having to restart my writing program and my Mac regularly in middle of writing is very dysfunctional and it is not what I bought Scrivener for.

Then you’d better go beat on Apple’s door as it’s their bug!

I don’t understand how this is Apple’s bug. I don’t have a problem with any other application, just Scrivener.