Spell check Suggestions

When right-clicking on a misspelled word, most applications I’ve used show the list of suggestions at the top of the right-click menu, and some even show the suggested words in bold face to differentiate them from the regular menu. In Scrivener for Windows, (0.26), the suggested words are in regular face and toward the bottom of the menu. This turns into a speedbump for me that really impacts my productivity. I can’t believe I’m alone on this, since so many applications put the suggested words at the top of the right-click menu.

I realize this may be a personal preference thing, and some may even prefer the way it’s displayed now. If that’s the case, it would be worthwhile putting an option in the program to change how the suggested words are displayed in the right-click menu.

It’s true that we humans can adapt to almost anything if necessary, but from a marketing standpoint it’s always best to give users warm fuzzies from a familiar, comfortable interface–which sometimes requires config options. :slight_smile:

Nice work on 0.26.


This has been changed for the next release so that the spelling suggestions are at the top of the list. :slight_smile: It was more an accident than a design choice in 026.