Spell check - text by text selection???? Help!

I’m not sure where to begin - I am trying to check spelling on a 600 page project made up of many many text docs in chapter folders. As far as I can tell, I need to literally select each one and every time I am in that individual text doc, place the cursor at the top of the text and then select “check document now”… ? (I also have to say that I can’t understand when and why red underscores indicate spelling issues and when they don’t… it seems based on toggling between settings but I’ve tried all options and it doesn’t make sense - read the users manual to no avail.)

Can someone please explain to me how to NOT have to do this? Isn’t there a way to spell check the entire project holistically? And set the settings for the whole project rather than text by text specifically? (This is a manuscript format fiction project and I am using Scrivener 3.03).



Spell check (and grammar check) will check the current document, or the current selection of documents if you are in Scrivenings mode.

So, to check the entire document, select the top-most folder in the binder, select Scrivenings mode and run spell/grammar check.

This is effective as well for any subfolders you may want to check separately, or any selected documents (selected by CMD-Click in the binder).