Spell-check the binder

Since one can r take the Binder title and use it for Chapter or Subsection title, it would be NICE if the spell-checker looked at the Binder. It took me a long time to realize that my titles weren’t being checked. When my wife was proofreading my book she found some really bad spelling/typing errors in the titles.

Speaking of Spell and Grammar Checkers, is there one for the Mac that is better than Apple’s? I have tried Grammarian Pro, but found it a real pain. It complained about everything. Since it relies on cut-and-paste, it messed up my lists big time.

It’s not really possible to do what you are asking for, that would be like having spell check in Finder or the iTunes sidebar. But it’s pretty easy to get titles into a context where they can be checked, the main editor. I trust you are already aware of Scrivenings mode and how to use that from a prior message, so I’ll just add one ingredient to the mix for you, the Format/Options/Show Titles in Scrivenings menu command. You should be able to make quick work of proofing your titles now.

Regarding alternatives: no I’m not aware of anything. It’s one of those spots where Apple provides something just good enough to make it very difficult for anyone else to make a living providing an alternative, I suppose, making it a mixed pro/cons of the Apple side of things. One the one hand we have a much better than decent spell check engine available (the situation is not the same on the Windows side, be thankful for what you have!), on the other hand Apple has no reason to make it any better, and it’s been stagnate for nearly a decade as a result.