Spell Check - UK English please!

Scrivener seems stuck offering me US spellings for words.

I have gone through every IOS preference I can find, within General/Keyboard, General/Language&Region, General/Dictionary, They are all set to British English.

And if I use an app such as Apple’s Notes, all is well.

But in Scrivener I get autocorrects that switch “apologise” to “apologize” and a thousand other things which are fine in US usage, but not in British.

Yet in “Notes” I get autocorrects that switch “apologize” to “apologise” - exactly the opposite.

Anybody know anything else I should change, to help Scrivener speak my language?

Along the lines of “did you plug it in? :smiley:” Have you restarted Scrivener (removed it from memory by going to the app gallery and swiping it up out of the list) since updating your keyboard to UK English? Have you shut down and restarted your iOS device since switching keyboards?

The reason I ask is that I am a native writer of US English but must produce output in UK English, and I depend on Scrivener and the iOS UK keyboard to correct my colonial errors… It’s working well for me. The change that worked in terms of auto-corrections was choosing a keyboard that supported UK English, so if that’s not working for you, I have no further suggestions. :frowning:

Sadly, I have done all of that in the past, to no avail.
But thanks for you response - and it is heartening that it works for you, since it means I should be able to make it work for me…

Ok. This is weird.

The problem has fixed itself. Scrivener now speaks UK English.

I didn’t actively change anything.

I can only assume that when I double-checked all my language preferences before posting my initial query, I must have selected something differently (by accident) that fixed my problem without my noticing.

So, hurrah for problem going away, and boo for not knowing how I did it.

Glad you have it sorted!