spell check with Beta1.2[FIXED]

The spell checker isn’t working at all for me.

Related item, but don’t want to create new thread. I’m aware of the existing issue with spellcheck and contractions such as couldn’t, wouldn’t etc.

It also seems not to care much for the word “going”. Also highlights mere portions of words (the “no” in knocked) or spaces and only part of the word that follows ([space]Smok - where the first word in a sentence was “Smoking” or [space]wa where the full word was “walked”.

Hope that makes sense… :confused:

Lizard, it sounds like you are using beta 1.0 with these spelling issues? Beta 1.2 has definitely addressed this issue.

As for words like ‘going’ I’ll look into this.

I was writing the following sentence: “…half way through it’s transcription and was unable to finish.”

Spell check underlined in red the following: “anscription a”, from the words “transcription and”.

When I right click over the alleged misspelling, I’m given the following words from which to choose the “correct” spelling: inception’s, anticipation’s, absorption’s, inceptions, or inception. Obviously, none of these are correct. Clicking on “ignore spelling” does nothing. As soon as I start typing, the red underlining appears again. Is there a way to correct this so that when you click on “ignore spelling” the red underlining will disappear? Also, having a spell check that is spell-checking two separate words as one word is a little annoying, too.

Other than that, it’s been working great so far! Thanks!

The update helped greatly thank you, but there are still some words with an apostrophe to which it objects.

“I’d, I’m, can’t, won’t” These pass the spell check no problem.
“I’ve, shouldn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t” These trigger a red line error.

I’m using Beta 1.2, and the spell check seems to think that ‘offensive’ is spelled ‘offencive’. Derivatives of the word (offensively, inoffensive) are correct in the spell check, however.


If word’s with apostrophes are still causing the spell checker to act upset, try turning off your smart quotes.

Not sure I’m on the newest version but a couple amusing spell-check things I have right now:
presuposes that China
breathability and
all of the
unforseen weakness
proven to

Nod, you definitely need to update. Read the post stickied at the top of the Bug Hunt forum.

All glitches in this thread have been repaired in Beta 1.3.