Spell Check

I like to see the redline under spelling mistakes–even if I don’t want to correct them right away, it’s nice to go back through them after I’ve written a few paragraphs (or pages) and right click to make corrections. However, I noticed that the redlines for spelling errors disappear if I close and reopen a project, or even if I switch back and forth between documents. New spelling errors end up underlined in red, but not old ones. This isn’t a huge deal–I can always run the spell check to go through the old errors one by one–but it’s nicer to see them all underlined and pick and choose the ones I want to correct. Don’t know if this is a bug, really, or just the way these things work.


This is just the way the Cocoa spell-check system works. I actually agree with you - I think spell-checking should work the way you describe, too. However, Scrivener, just uses the Apple bog-standard spell-checking system, and this system only ever underlines new spelling mistakes. It’s the same way TextEdit and other Cocoa applications work. I’m not sure if I could force it to recheck everything - I’d certainly be willing to take a look, but given that the current behaviour is how Apple has defined it, it will be a low priority.

Allan Odgaard has solved this problem somehow, with his application, TextMate.