spell check

I am a lousy typist. I continually make errors that the Scrivener (or is it Apple) spell check doesn’t catch. For example, my finger will reach too far and I type goo9d morning. Or hell0. Or take4. Is it possible to make the spellchecker catch those errors?

Go to System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Text and you can put in stuff that will be corrected anywhere on the system.

You did not answer my question. I do not want to add typos to the spell check system. I want the spell check to catch errors like goo9d, take4, erro9r, and hom4e. I doesn’t catch errors like these.

Spell check is provided by the system, not Scrivener. As far as I know, it does not flag up digits inserted into words as errors. Nor does MS Word. That is why the solution to your problem is to create your own replacements.

Thank you. Now I understand. Spell check is provided by Mac OS.

But why do you recommend adding random errors to create my own replacements? The number of replacements would be infinite, since the number of random typographical errors is infinite.

In theory, yes, the number of random typos is potentially infinite. In reality, though, our fingers tend to fall into patterns when we make typos, some more prevalent than others. If you find yourself making the same kind of typo involving numbers more than once and add it to replacements as suggested, you may be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you will have trained your system to account for the bulk of the errors commonly made, and the corresponding reduction in your stress level. Perhaps worth a week of experimentation or two? You can always remove the replacements you have added in this fashion if you find they’re not helping.

I suspect it is the only solution. I can’t think of another one. And autocorrect dictionaries have been around for at least twenty years. See tidbits.com/2000/11/06/tidbits- … nary-tips/

I use a version of this with Typinator.

Thanks. Got it.