Spell checker Again

I posted what I thought was a bug on 18th March where i complained spell checker was doing full document spell checking when i wrongly believed the mis-spelt word was highlighted. The spell checker actually checked the correct word when it was properly highlighted.
Now, since RC21, the spell checker appears to be making the mistake i wrongly accused it of last time. Again not a big deal but odd coincidence.
Highlight word. Invoke spell checker and it starts at top of document. It may be that when i believed it was working correctly before, it was because the highlighted word was the only wrong spelling in the document. Also maybe this is the way it is supposed to work? no big deal either way but felt i had to ask. Again.

I can duplicate this. I’m not certain whether it is a bug or a feature though. The Edit>Spelling option infers a document check rather than checking a selection.