Spell checker: correct spelling suggestions missing for some words

Just to test, I right licked on the word don’t spelled “dont” and it did not suggest the correct spelling with the apostrophe. It only shows words like dint, dent, done, etc. What gives? Any fixes? By the way, this happens only with some words, e.g. it doesn’t happen with the word “doesnt” misspelled.

Also, for some correctly spelled words like “dialogue”, it still shows the red squiggly mark under the word indicating that it’s misspelled, but right clicking it shows only “dialogged” and “dialog” as the suggestions, and “dialogged” is not even spelled right. Interestingly, when I right click and choose Dictionary, it shows the correct spelling with the definition. I’m using the latest version of Scrivener. Any ideas? Thanks.

The word dialogged is correctly spelled. So is dialogued.

Either way, Scrivener doesn’t have its own dictionary. It uses a dictionary provided by the system.

Understood, but why then are other applications that use the system dictionary able to correct the word “dont” and not Scrivener?