Spell Checker: Learned words

Mac: One thing that always annoys me, because I forget to think about it :wink:, is the loss of learned words in spell check. The text file of words is hidden pretty deep in the system library and is lost when reinstalling macOs. Couldn’t you include an export/import function for this in a coming version?

As you’re on MacOS, all the spell-checking and dictionaries are supplied by the system and not by Scrivener.

That said, you find your dictionaries, including the learned words list, are there in the user library … ``~/username/Library/Dictionaries. You can bring up the Library by holding down the Option key while clicking the “Go” menu. So before you re-install the system, copy the Dictionaries folder to a safe place like an external disk, then, when the re-install is complete, drag the contents of that folder back into the new Library/Dictionaries folder to replace what’s in there.

Disclaimer: I have never done it with Dictionaries, but have regularly used that method of getting Preference .plist files and contents of Application Support folders from an old computer to its replacement.



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