Spell checker

I Highlighted a mispelled word, right-clicked and selected ‘Spelling’ and when i selected ‘Spelling Win+’, the cursor jumped, highlighted another, apparantly random, word and provided suggestions for that.

I duplicated the same result but I believe it this is intentional. When I right-clicked on a misspelled word, the correct word was at the top of the pop-up window. I think the Win+ is a hotkey?

When you selected “Spelling,” you were telling Scrivener to start a spell check of the entire document, beginning from the current caret position. If you just wanted to correct the word you highlighted, Scrivener gave you some choices at the top of the dialog you saw when you right-clicked, along with Ignore Spelling and Learn Spelling. That seems more like what you were expecting.

Thanks for the replies. I have investigated more thoroughly - which I should have done before posting! - and found this:
I had wrongly assumed that the red dots underlining the mispelled word meant that that word was effectively selected.
If I actually highlight the word, then spell check correctly lists alternatives for that word only.
If I don’t highlight the word, spell check goes through the whole document, highlighting in turn each word it doesn’t recognise.
Perfectly correct behaviour.
Case closed.
Sorry to bother the forum unnecessarily.

Right clicking on the incorrectly spelled word is SUPPOSED to auto select what is under the cursor for correction.

This is what happens in word, and Wordperfect.