Spell Checkers etc.

Hi, First post

Maybe some of the more experienced users could assist with this

or Keith or Amber pitch in please

Just started out on a few writing projects - and its not an area of life I have ever realy been that comfortable with as I am dyslexic - but am finaly giving the writing projects a go

now I would like a spell checker - grammer checker - thats going to be helpfull -

Oh forgot say am apple convert from windows - its so much nicer - but only 10 months experince so much of the post may be osx that i dont yet understand

Does Scrivener suport text subsitution - as have this set in prefrences simple “t” = the but scriveiner does not do this where as text edit does?

Do I need turn this on some how ?

Maybe some one could gave an explination of this in relation to Scriverner

As I May Want to explore this more

As I said its about having a usefull spell / grammer setup

There was mention of Spell Catcher in a post but I have the demo and its not working ok

is this a scriverner or spell catcher issue - one min it works next time it dont

A there others that are as good or better

ok mac book pro 2.4 intel 4 gb ram clean install snow leopard

Any help appreciated


ps Like why did firefox not spell as typed or am i thinking global and it not as i typed this ?

Ok worked out one bit needed correct spelling automaticaly enebled for the as you type and subsitution to work

any thoughts on the pther points especialy the spell catcher not working ?



Hi Paul,

I can’t talk about Spell Catcher (the third part program) as I don’t use it myself - perhaps another user could steer you right on that.

As for the features in Scrivener, there is no built in spelling correction, although obviously there is a spell checker that underlines in red (and a grammar checker that underlines things in green).

Snow Leopard introduced a text substitution feature that can swap text for corrections you enter in the System Preferences text settings, but Scrivener doesn’t support this at the moment, I’m afraid. This will be added in a future update (though perhaps not until 2.0 next year, as it conflicts with certain other features).

All the best,

Hi, Keith

Well the sub sort of worked after I corrected a word with (auto correct word in right click sub menu) then after that subsitutions were working well for then

does look like this has to be done at the start of an edit as after I restarted scrivener it had forgoten what to do

So may be its not that much work to get it up and running ? but I dont know


I tried Spell Catcher. It worked with Scrivener (under Leopard — I don’t know about Snow Leopard). But you do have to set it up for each application you use, going through the Help and the Preferences carefully.


Hi Paul,

Yes, that’s because the ctrl-click menu is populated by the underlying OS X text system, so I hadn’t managed to remove it from there (an oversight on my part). Text corrections may cause interfere with certain author things in Scrivener, though, such as the smart quotes and hyphens etc, which is why it hasn’t been integrated properly yet.

All the best,

Hi Keith

Does that mean that all grammer spelling apps are going to be a no go in scrivener till this is fixed

would like something that can be a bit more of a help than just the os x native stuff - dyslexia and all etc

and think I have already given up on the spell catcher - grammarian looks a better app so far

again anyone using this to good effect - am in trial land and would like to find a good helper b4 I have to pay



No, this has no effect on any third-party apps. Spell Catcher and other applications should work fine with Scrivener. Anything that works with TextEdit should work in Scrivener too, in fact - there’s nothing to fix here. All I’m talking about are the new Snow Leopard OS X text checking features, which don’t offer full spelling correction anyway - any other third party apps you choose to use should work. I don’t have any recommendations though, I’m afraid, as I haven’t used any myself.

All the best,