Spell checkers

I recently got curious about what other spell checking solutions were available out there that could extend/improve OS X’s default spellchecker (which is perfectly functional, but not particularly interesting and has a somewhat limited dictionary, particularly if you’re doing academic work). I discovered cocoAspell (free), GrammarianProX ($40), Grammatica ($30), and SpellCatcher X ($40).

Has anyone tried any of these? Any recommendations on whether or not they’re worth installing? Any other, better suggestions for spell checkers?

I’m currently leaning away from SpellCatcher X since it has a grammatical error in its first bullet point, but any advice/past experiences would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

I used Aspell for years when using Linux. It is a nice spell checker, and even has modes for ignoring syntax. So if you write HTML that comes in awfully handy. Since it is open source, the dictionaries are collectively maintained and quite aware of modern terms. I also like that the default English dictionary includes British, Canadian, and American spelling variations all in one package. It annoys me that I have to ignore vast numbers of “misspellings” when corresponding with people who use variant forms of English.

I am guessing that since it is something that comes from *NIX land, advanced configuration will be – well, very advanced compared to most Mac applications. :wink: Hopefully the front-end manages most common options.

I was put off SpellCatcher after I installed the demo on my iBook and never could quite get rid of it. Even after I thought I’d uninstalled it, it would pop-up now and again, nagging me to buy. Worse, it seemed to dig itself into random documents and programs, so that I would create a new document in TextEdit and sudenly SpellCatcher would appear, deciding that it should take control of spell-checking in this particular document even though I hadn’t used it in TextEdit for months…

I have used GrammarianProX for years, and find the developer quite pleasant. It too is a niche market piece of software, but has other features that make it worth it like those found in TextExpander, some basic features as in TextSoap.

I tried cocoAspell, SpellCatcher and GrammarianPro, and finally decided to keep GrammarianProX a few months ago, mainly because of the richness of its grammar checking. It has also replaced Typeit4me (a better textexpander-like imho). The only advantage I thought SpellCatcher may have had was it’s GUI… but for everything else, I prefer GPX. I do have the odd crash though, maybe once a week.

Keith, did you try Zapping SpellCatcher?

Hope this helps,

Well if you are going to Zap, you might as well do it for free.

Nice one Amber. Thanks!
(But mine is prettier :unamused:)