Spell checking an entire project

In Scrivener 3 is it possible to spell check an entire project in one sequence? I’d like to scan each page quickly without having to reactivate the spell check each time for each document.

You should not have to reactivate (but to be honest I am not quite sure what that means in terms of menu commands, etc.), but Scrivenings mode is the answer to neary every question starts with the premise of working on many if not all text in one instance. Just click on the Draft folder, switch to Scrivenings with ⌘1 and start proofing. :slight_smile: It might take a few seconds to load all of that text though.

A belaed thanks!.. I realized this myself but you had already answered.
By activate, what I should have said is I I wanted to keep spell checking always on/checked. But sometimes after returning to Scrivener, I found it wasn’t always checked (active) when I was writing new scenes etc.

Oh I see what you mean. Yeah there is a known bug in the spell check engine—we don’t really know what causes it, but a simple reload of the project ought to bring it back if toggling it off and on in the menu doesn’t work.