Spell checking for other languages


I’ve been using the Windows beta for some time, and it works very well.
The problem is that I (currently) need it to write in Hebrew (which is not my main language).

The right-to-left aspect works mostly well, but the real problem is that there isn’t a Hebrew dictionary.
I’ve scanned the forum and have found out that there are other people needing spelling aids with languages that are not supported, like Arabic and Turkish, while -oddly- languages like Esperanto or Faroese do.

I understand that the non-mac version of Scrivener works with the ASpell engine. The problem is that this system stopped development for Windows at version 0.5.x.
Version 0.6.x supports more languages, like Arabic or Hebrew, but is only available for Linux. It doesn’t seem to be more development planned for Windows, so the languages list is apparently limited to what is now.

I’m quite a tech user, so I tried to convert the 0.6 dictionary files to the 0.5 format, but couldn’t make it work. I think there are some limitations with the old version.
I tried some programs that relied on the free OpenOffice dictionaries, gaining support to a lot of languages.

I’d REALLY want to use Scrivener, and so are many other people whose languages are not supported.

Is there a chance that you’d consider adding support for more languages?

Many thanks,

I’d like to second this proposal :smiley: It would be lovely to have Arabic spell check, as I am a student who would like to write my Arabic homework using scrivener

We’re limited right now by the dictionaries available for Aspell 0.50.3, the dictionary Scrivener for Windows currently uses. We are looking into a different dictionary solution for a future version, and we are hoping to be able to support more languages at that point. It all depends on what we’re able to get working, but we’re hopeful.