Spell checking language per project

Now that the Windows version is getting a major update (which is looking very good, by the way), are there any thoughts on having the spell checking dictionary be set on a project basis rather than globally?

Writing in different languages, and often having multiple projects open at a time, my fingers are getting ever so sore from being electrocuted every time I misspell something. I thought about making an amalgamated dictionary but that would quickly become as bad as writing without spell checking at all.

  • Thomas Nielsen

If this happens, I would suggest taking it one step further (but it’s a big step, I’m afraid). I’d really like to be able to set a language attribute as part of a style. I’m writing in English, quoting German, French, and Italian sources. Next best would be the option to turn off spell checking for a specific style (say, blockquote).

This is still at the top of my (very short) wish list for Scrivener. I have now decided to simply turn off spell checking for the entire project, but this means, obviously, that in a few years, presumably very close to the thesis submission deadline, I will have to somehow spell-check all of the text in four languages — likely by hand. Surely with a growing community of academic Scrivener users, there must be many others who would benefit from ‘language as a style attribute’ or some other solution to this problem?