Spell Checking No Longer Working

First off, you guys should know that I LOVE and ADORE Scrivener 3 beyond measure. But Scrivener 3 has kept at least one bug from 2.0 intact and working properly. :slight_smile: Spell checking just randomly stops working and refuses to turn back on no matter what I do. I’m on High Sierra 10.12.2. And yes, it’s working everywhere else in the OS. Used to be, if I just deleted ui.plist from inside the Project file, I could get it working again. But now, that doesn’t work. Also tried deleting ui-common.xml, that doesn’t do it either. I could post or send the project file in question, if that would help resolve the issue, as it seems to affect files only on a per-project basis.

—Andy H.

Might be this…


The same thing is happening to me. I’m using High Sierra 10.12.6. Please fix this!