Spell checking par excellence

I’m on a deadline for the translation of a Russian novel and I’m seeing once again how incredible Scrivener is for nuts and bolts writing, both for the elegant quality of the results and the ease and pleasure of using it. Plus, I am working on the translation with my wife, who is a native Russian speaker, and we have literally not had one difficult moment.

The spell checker par excellence is Spell Catcher from Rainmaker. I have been using it off and on for many years, but somehow got the preferences screwed up recently and just trashed it for convenience. I’m one of those writers, however, who spell checks as a reflex while I pause and think about something that’s holding me up. It puts me into a sort of Zen state after which I can usually return to the problem and solve it quickly.

Without Spell Catcher for the first time in years, I suddenly felt impotent, naked, etc. I quickly downloaded it, retrieved my serial number and am back on top of the world. It is such a superb piece of software, the ease of us is extraordinary, the way it recognizes joined together words is a godsend, it offers a multitude of options, and yet it manages to be really simple to operate.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank all the members of the forums who have contributed so substantially to my enjoyment of writing and my ability to use Scrivener and ofter software as their creators must have dreamed when they first were inspired to develop them.