spell checking


I’ve been using scrivner for few months now. As a writer and journalist, I am so happy with this app, that it has replaced all the other word processors I had on my hard drive.

Well, almost. One thing that really bugs me is the spell checking “as you type”. You know, the red lines beneath the words… It’s kind of awkard and only works reliably while you are actually writing. It won’t work afterwards (like it does, for example, in Word). One example: Very often I write down some notes quickly and dont bother about spelling. When I open the document later, theres no spell checking (no red underlining). Thats not good. I would say that when “as you type” is activated, every critical word should be underlined, no matter when I wrote it.

Other example: I start writing a few sentences in English, but spell checking language is still set to German. So there’s a red line under every word, of course. After writing a few sentences, I decide that these red lines under every word drive me crazy, so I set the language to English. But nothing happens. The red lines under the sentences I have allready written are still there, allthough I changed the spell checking language to English.

So at the moment, when I finish a text for one of the papers I write for, I have to open MS word, just to do the spell checking (i dont like to do my spell checkin via dialog; I want to do it in th document, so I need my red lines!)

Can you do something about that?

Apart from that: great, great app!


Thanks for your kind words about Scrivener (in general :slight_smile: ). I’m not entirely sure there is anything I can do about the way the spell checking works, to be honest. Scrivener uses the OS X text engine (the same as TextEdit), so it gets its spell checking from there. Other than turning spell checking on or off, Scrivener doesn’t handle any of that code - it’s all done by Apple code.

What you can do, though, is go to Edit > Spelling and Grammar > Show Spelling and Grammar. This will go through the document looking for spelling mistake. It will also put red underlines underneath anything it finds that it doesn’t like.

All the best,