spell chek

Hi all,

Nice, Sweet little ap. Most useful & It actually calms me!

However it seems the the spell check ain’t the best. It doesn’t seem to catch misspellings when they occur in a phrase. Often it misses mispelt (sic) words entirely. Not a big problem as I expect no output will reach publication, but personally my key stroking is so random sometimes I’ve no idea what I wrote. Spellchecking at least gives me a choice.


Glad you’re liking it!

There’s actually not a single line of code in Scapple handling spelling other than to turn it on or off, because Scapple just uses OS X’s built-in spell-checking system, which comes for “free” in all text objects. I would go to Edit > Spelling and Grammar > Show Spelling and Grammar and check what language is selected there. “Automatic by Language” can be funky if you use a mix of words from different languages in your text.

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