Spellcheck not working on Mac (another one)

hi all
I see that this is an issue that has been raised before on here, and I have tried many (all?) of the solutions I’ve found on different threads, but STILL spell check in Scrivener does not work for me. It worked when I first installed it (about a month ago) and then it just stopped.
Spellcheck works in all my other apps.

I have a Apple M1 MacStudio running Ventura 13.4

Any advice? It’s kind of killing me.

thank you!

There are two sorts of spell checking facilities in Scrivener and it would be helpful to know which one is killing you. There is a Check Spelling Now function you can invoke, and there is a Check Spelling While You Type mode you can enable. Which is giving you grief.

I am going to take a wild guess that it is the Check Spelling as You Type that is bugging you. It does seem like that function is easily tripped up.

Though not a fix, here is a way to postpone your spellcheck demise: Happily fix the mistakes the while-you-type function does catch, but then later run regular spell check the old fashioned way (Check Spelling Now) when you are done / before you send anything out. This way you don’t have to fret about whether as-you-type is catching everything on the go.


Thanks for your reply. yes, Check Spelling as You Type is the one that is not working (actually NONE of them are working. If I go back to Check Document Now, that also does not work and when I call up the Show Spelling and Grammar window, it is simply blank.

Any other thoughts?

best, Debbie

Hmm, when you say Check Spelling Now does not work, what is happening exactly? No response? Goes but does not catch some misspelled words? Or what?

Am away from mmy Mac at the moment, so can’t poke around for gotchas. Is your insertion point in the doc you mean to check?

No repsonse at all when Check Spelling Now.

That is puzzling. And you do have some mispellings (non-words) for it to find, I suppose. I am stumped, but will try some things when I am back on my desktop. Hopefully someone will come by in the meantime with some useful suggestions for you.