Spellcheck now completely not working. Restarting Scrivener doesn't fix it. Restarting Mac doesn't fix it

I know that spellcheck not working is a known bug, but all previous times I was able to fix it with some sort of restart, either of Scrivener or the Mac itself. No, no matter what, spellcheck refuses to come back.

This is actually a serious bug, debilitating in the long run. I can’t speak to anyone else, but I’m not the best speller despite reading and writing as much as I do.
I would label this problem as critical.

Could you tell me which version of Scrivener you have, please, and with which version of Mac OS?

Sorry. Yes. I have MacOS Catalina and Scrivener 3.1.5.

If it helps, the current project and any new project I create has this problem, but some projects created previously still do proper spellchecking. As a workaround I turned one of those older projects into a text input source, so I can write in that project and then transfer the finished document to the offending project. If that makes any sense. At least this way I can still technically write in Scrivener and have it spellcheck.

Please update to the newest version, which is Scrivener 3.2.3. Does that help?

If not, please try resetting the problem project, as explained here:

Thanks. I’ll try that.

I’m now running 3.2.3, which didn’t fix the problem. I then reset the project, and as you can see, still have no spell checking.

Does spellchecking work in TextEdit?

Yes. It works also in the Notes and Pages apps. And it works in some previously created Scrivener projects, just not this project — which is the central hub of my writing — and not in any new projects created.

Please open a support ticket, here:

And attach a copy of one of the projects that doesn’t work. You can email a project by using the File → Backup → Backup To command, and checking the box to create a ZIP backup.

Things I would ask myself:

Is Check Spelling While Typing enabled? (OW nothing happens automagically.)

Does invoking Check Spelling Now just do nothing at all?

If I right-click and invoke spellchecking it will check the document and show misspelled words, but any new words typed will still not be caught. I guess I could right-click every few paragraphs, but it would be better to have the full functionality. My preferences in Scrivener look like this:

And MacOS preferences look like this:

The document in question has 100k’s of words and I’m really not comfortable uploading that. They are WIPs, and naturally, I don’t usually share these.

These settings work for me:

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Hmm. So you turned it off everywhere except the menu? I’ll try that.

Yes. That works! There are so many disparate boxes you can check. Scrivener has at least three places itself, one in the Edit menu and one in the preferences … and then you can right-click. I have to say this is all very confusing, and I regularly program my machines. I wonder if a simpler, on check-box solution wouldn’t be easier.

Anyway, thank you. That did the trick.

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You said the issue appears in all new projects. Can you create a test project?

I think 99% of this behavior is Apple, not Scrivener, despite the settings you see in Scrivener.

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Yes. But @drmajorbob solved the problem for me. Do you still want the test project?

You could be right, but no other software seems to have this problem. It has to be something Scrivener is doing as it interacts with the underlying OS.

Scrivener may be making it over-complicated as a result of giving us options.