Spellcheck Settings

Ok - this may sound stupid, but where can I set the language for spellchecking? Is it possible to make it American English rather than British English?

  • Just a quick note to add that it seems to be underlining a lot of random things… e.g. it thinks that random letters in two separate words belong together and are incorrectly spelt?

I know there have been some problems with getting the spelling engine working correctly for the beta, so this may be something that isn’t fully functional yet. I’ll wait for Lee to answer properly, though.

LAP, where can I find the Portuguese language pack?

Thanks for answering!!!

I have the same question. My computer is set for Brit English, but I write my books in American English, and I couldn’t find any way to change it.

I do okay recognising the z to s words like ‘realise’, but I have trouble remembering which is which on words like jewellery/jewelry or fulfil/fulfill – so I count on my spellchecker. :mrgreen:

I know Lee released an update announcing steps forward on the spellchecking front yesterday, but I cannot find the post at the moment! :blush: This issue is in-hand though and will be resolved in future beta releases.



I get an “Error loading dictionary: no word list can be found for the language ‘es_ES’”. Can this be fixed?


I updated the version to 1.2 and now I don’t get the error message. I just don’t have spell checking.


7 November 2010

I read on the NaNoWriMo forum that there was an update to beta 1.3 so I came here and looked at the forum and read that I needed to uninstall, then reinstall the updated version, which I did. As soon as I opened the update, I also got the error message:

Could Not Load Dictionary
Error loading dictionary: No word lists can be found for the language “en_US”.

After opening the tutorial I purposely misspelled a word “substituate” instead of “substitute” to see if there would be options available. Right-clicking on the misspelled word and looking at the spelling sub-menu allowed: Spelling-- dialog box opens and is unpopulated and the Recheck Spelling-- which asks if I want to recheck all words (and the rest of that dialog box message).

My system:

Inspirion 580
Intel ® Core™ i5 CPU 650@3.20GHz
Installed Mem: 8:00GB (7.87GB usable)

Though I submitted my email address when I originally downloaded the beta so that I would be notified from your site, I have not gotten any notifications of updates so am relying on the NaNoWriMo forum. Thanks for all your hard work!