Spellcheck stopped spell-checking.

I have spell check enabled (enabled under the text editing/spell check preference menu). I’d like to see my mispelled…misspelled words as they occur but I no longer get the red line under the words.
Any ideas how to fix it?

Is this happening in other applications too? Try TextEdit and see if the red lines show up there. If it seems to be broken system-wide, I’d use the Console application (in Utilities). Leave that open and type in some non-words; see if you get any error messages.

Do you mean that even new words you type aren’t underlined? Or just old words from already-typed text (which is normal)?

I mean - there’s no longer anything underlined in red. I’m not sure if the existing document has NO misspellings?? But I’m in a final revision stage (actually put everything into a new Scrivener file to start fresh with my revision) and just noticed that it’s not catching anything. I’m not sure how long it’s been that way, but I just noticed today.

Right, if you paste an existing document into Scrivener it will not automatically underline all of the spelling errors. This automatic underlining only happens while you are typing new text. This is the way the universal Mac spell checker (which is what Scrivener uses) functions for performance reasons. Word processors can get away with retroactively checking because there is just one application and one document going on. On the Mac, nearly every single input area from search fields to full-blown applications are spell checking and it would slow the system down to do bulk retro-active checking.

If you need to spell-check existing documents, simply go to the top of the document (Cmd-UpArrow), and repeatedly press Cmd-; to step through the document. It will check incrementally and stop whenever it come across a word it does not recognise.

Thanks for the help.

It’s actually NEW words (in the copied document) that it’s not correcting. For instance - in my manuscript it might say “she curled up around the blanket…” and I want to change “curled” to “beneath” – only by mistake I type “beneth”. I do not get a red underline indicating that “beneth” (a completely new word) is a misspelling.

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The preferences setting for spell-checking sets the default for new projects. Check that “Check Spelling as you Type” is also turned on under the Edit > Spelling menu.

A voila! Thanks mucho.