Spellchecker - German

Hi, I’m new to this site. I have a probably unique problem. Despite me living in the US, I write in German. When I download scrivener, I get the English version. I understand that the Beta version may not have any foreign language features yet, but how can I switch the English proofing off? And, will there be German proofing available? I am used to Duden Korrektor, which works better than the German proofing tools of word.

Besides all that, I am acquainting myself with scrivener, looks nice so far.

Thank You


PS: Beta 1.4 on Windows XP

To turn off your Spell check you should click Edit -> Options to open your Options menu. Once there under the Auto-Correction tab you want to uncheck the box next to “Check spelling as you type”.

I don’t believe foreign language dictionaries are not slated to come with the program until the final release.

Thank you, that worked.

I didn’t expect it to be fully fleshed out yet, it’s a beta after all. My other questions were directed into the future whether there will be foreign language proofing and if yes whether I can get other proofing tools to work.

Anyways, I ticked the instant spell checker off, the annoying red underlining is gone!