Spellchecker in footnotes


I am new to Scrivener. It appears that Scrivener does not check spelling in footnotes. My questions are: Is this true? Can the spellchecker be turned on for footnotes? If yes, how?

Thank you!

Not currently; the spell check only works in the main editor (and the full screen editor), so if you need spellchecking in your footnotes, you may want to try writing them as inline footnotes instead of inspector footnotes. This is on our list as something we’d like to get working, but there are technical limitations at the moment.

Dear MM,

Scriv seems to check the spelling in inspector footnotes only if
(a) check spelling while typing is checked and
(b) you click on the footnote.

Unfortunately, this means clicking on every footnote individually.

It would be nice if Scriv could could check spelling in all footnotes at the same time using the same method as with text in an editor window (or multiple text files in a project).

Kind regards,