Spellchecker Request

It would save some editing time if Scrivener’s spellchecker had the option of checking only highlighted text similar to the way Microsoft Word’s spellchecker functions.

I would also like the option of “ignore all,” the default being to ignore only one occurrence of a spelling not found in Scrivener’s dictionary. “Change” and “Change All” commands would also be useful.

Thanks for developing Scrivener for Windows. Nicely done!

  • Steve

The spell checking is all part of Aspell, so I’m not sure Lee will have much control over changing this. “Ignore” functions as “Ignore all”–that is, if you ignore a misspelled word, all other instances of that word will be ignored as well when you’re going through. You could also use “Learn Word”, which would add the word to your personal word list, which you might find more useful for character and place names (you can always remove them later, by editing the list from the “Auto-Correction” tab of Tools > Options…). There is a “Change” command already, although not a “Change All”.

funny. i just popped in to make pretty much the same request in updates for scrivener. when i want to spell check only one word i have tried highlighting the word then right-clicking over the word then selecting spell check and then i’ve tried right clicking over the word and selecting spell check with the same result. sometimes i only want to check one word not the whole document. there doesn’t seem to be an option for that. but, if like you said it’s an application you’ve encorporated into scrivener, i can see where you might not have any control.

If you have “Check spelling as you type” turned on in the Auto-Correction tab of Tools > Options… then it is possible to right-click a flagged word and have the spelling suggestions appear in the context menu for just that word.

Thank you. I’ll give that a go. It should work just fine for what I need.