Spellchecking anomaly

I’m using Scrivener in 10.6.4 using en_GB (British English) spell checking.

For some reason, for a seemingly random selection of words that OSX highlights as spelled wrong, it doesn’t offer me the option in the contextual menu to Add to Dictionary (this seems only to happen with words it can’t offer alternatives to).

The thing is, this is only happening in Scrivener - if I put the same text in a Mail message, for example, OSX is happy to offer me the Add to Dictionary option on all the words I couldn’t do that with in Scrivener.

This is happening with a load of names from Greek mythology at the moment (examples: Aristaeus, Eurydike, Ourania - and yes, they can be spelled that way!), and I’ve no idea if this is a bug in Scrivener, or some shortcoming of the API that’s being called by your app. At least I’ve got a workaround for getting the words into the user dictionary :slight_smile:.

I’m not sure what would cause this, as the contextual menu and spelling is all handled at the OS level - there’s no code in Scrivener to handle this, it’s all passed off to the system. One thing to check is that spelling in the Edit > Show Spelling and Grammar panel is set to British spelling and not to “Automatic by Language” (I know you said you have spelling set to British, but I’m not sure if that is just your system setting or whether you have specifically checked the spelling palette).


Thanks, that seems to have fixed it. Some words are still not offering me Add to Dictionary unless I select the word and then ctrl-click it, but at least I’m getting it all the time one way or the other.