Spellchecking BLOCK CAPITALS

OS X 10.7.5 and OS 10.10.4
Scrivener 2.6

Spellcheck isn’t picking up TYPOOOOS WHEN IN BLOCK CAPITALS.

Also happens in TextEdit, so clearly a system-wide issue (as we might expect).

But wondered if anyone had a tip to share, other than utilising an external spellchecker in another program using copy and paste.


Briar Kit x :confused:

I think Apple’s position on this, and I would tend to agree, is that spell checking and screaming are mutually exclusive activities. :slight_smile:

What I’d do is duplicate the document into another split, select it all and convert it to lower case, then make any necessary corrections to the original.

Many thanks, Ioa. Really helps. But why did I not think of it?!? Doh. :open_mouth:

Wish Apple would improve its spellchecking tools. I will have to research if there is a way to add a thirty-party tool to spellcheck inside Scrivener.

Good weekend.

Briar Kit

Block caps defy spell-checking because they are seen as acronyms. Windows, Mac, Linux… they all take this approach.

But you’ve got me wondering now if people post on Facebook, et al. with the caps lock on so they can feel like they’ve got a handle on their language. :slight_smile: