Spellchecking Navigation, awareness, learning

It would be nice were the spell checking dialogue aware when it sat over the questioned spelling in the document, were to move aside. (I know that I can offset it on the screen and that it will stay/pop there the rest of Scrivener’s session.)

[Cross-posted in Technical Support]
It seems that the spell checker assumes it knows all the correction possibilities for what I have mistyped. However, not only does it not likely,* were it to allow me to input an unlisted correction as my current software does (and put the substitution in the Substitutions list), it could expand for me the shorthand I import from less-friendly typing/input media and devices.
It would be use-full had the spell-check dialogue a ‘Replace with’ input box for the sake of the unlisted corrections (and my expansions).

*Being effectively about one-month new to Scrivener and still in transition mode, I cannot be certain of the full accuracy of this statement: I’m somewhat going by past experience with the robust checkers of three other text/document apps.
I know that I could ‘Guess’ (per 15.2.3 in the manual, but maybe not yet in Windows :frowning: ), which reportedly would provide a replacement input box, but I suspect that the replacement would be either a one-time thing or a one-document/session, thing.

And thinking of the spellcheck dialogue, it would be nice were I able to to use keystrokes to get around in it and to ‘Alt-key’ select buttons and suggestions. (Keystroke navigation would also make getting into ‘Guess’ more fluid in the ‘*’ instance.)