Spellchecking 'shorthand' translation

Is there a way to have the Ctrl+g&q spell checking ‘translate’ shorthand (acronymic, abbreviated) as it peruses the text?
The Personal Word list (‘Learn’) will simply accept the shorthand’s string; Substitutions will only work during typing.
The spell checking itself merely flags the shorthand as an error and offers similar strings as replacements.

Yes, the substitution will work during the typing of the text. However, two related factors prompted this question:
Importing 10s of thousands of notes (‘documents’) from my current app presents Scrivener with the multiplication of those notes by the possible 500+ strings I have; while I could make the expansions in my current app (InfoSelect) via Find&Replace before exporting the notes, the full effort would require my typing both each string and its expansion (translation) and search for it then – and then retyping both into Scrivener’s Substitutions list (if that will handle 500+!): Twice the data-entry typing.
And besides, the shorthand is of use note-taking on the small keyboards of mobile devices, and their expansion by a Scrivener spellcheck would be a boon.
(An aside: It would be nice were I able to Scrivener spellcheck multiple selected documents at once, if only in a scrivened editor.)

Supplemental Material:
It seems that the spell checker assumes it knows all the correction possibilities for what I have mistyped. However, not only does it not likely know them all*, were it to allow me to input an unlisted correction as my current software does (and remember the substitution), I could implement the spellchecker shorthand expansion for both my transition and post-transition notes.
It would be use-ful had it a ‘Replace with’ input box for the sake of unlisted corrections (and my expansions).
*Being effectively about one-month new to Scrivener, I cannot be too sure of the accuracy of this statement: I’m somewhat going by past experience with the robust checkers of three other text/document apps. [Cross-posted in Wish List.]

And thinking of the spellcheck dialogue, it would be nice were I able to to use keystrokes to get around in it and to select buttons and suggestions. [Cross-posted]