Spelling and Grammar Checks

I’ve noticed a few quirks the latest version of the software seems to have, such as automatically capitalizing if dialogue includes a question mark: “Do you think they’ll ever catch that guy?” She asked.

I would like for it to stop doing that, but I also don’t want to completely turn off automatic capitalization. This wasn’t a problem in the previous version I had (the first one), so I’m wondering why they would add something like that.

I also noticed a problem that’s carried over from the first version, whereas the latter part of a word will be counted as being spelled or capitalized incorrectly, as though the software can’t recognize that isn’t the whole word, or that it’s in the middle or at the end of a sentence. This is the only writing software I’ve used where that happens.

Yes I have noticed this too. I find now have to check each chapter before I compile because any punctuation other than a comma at the end of dialogue is treated the same as an end of a sentence and therefore starts off again with a capital letter. This is great for anything other than dialogue but a nuisance otherwise. I would be grateful if this could be reviewed in the future.