Spelling and grammar -- does Scrivener struggle with this??

I’m finding the spelling and grammar very temperamental. Sometimes it works for somethings, at other times it doesn’t. It seems especially bad at grammar, and things like repeat words.

For the attached image Scriv’s not picking up the repeated “had” the repeated “the” or the misspelled “th”.

[attachment=0]Screenshot 2019-08-21 at 08.17.29.png[/attachment]

I’ve turned on the setting in the system preferences for corrections so “Correct spelling errors as you type” etc. are turned on.


Sorry, image wasn’t attached.

In the screenshot, ‘each of which had had what Yins terms propositions’ is a grammatical sentence in its own right. It may not have been the right tense for what was meant, but you could use the pluperfect legitimately there, so you wouldn’t necessarily expect a decent grammar checker to throw it up as a mistake.

I’ve just typed in your first sentence and got the following result, with British English settings.

I did have to run the grammar checker twice before it picked up the second proposition, though. Which language settings are you using?

I also ran the Grammar checker manually (cmd-;). Does that make a difference for you?