Spelling and Thesaurus "lookup"

I’d really like to be able to right click within a word and get spelling options (if the word is misspelled) and thesaurus options at the top of the context menu, a la Word. In Scrivener, you actually have to double-click the word and then right click.

If, instead, you click within the word and then right-click as you would in Word or other programs, no spelling options appear, and even though you can navigate all the way to the bottom of the context menu to “Writing Tools,” hover-select it, and then select “Look Up in Dictionary and Thesaurus,” if the word is misspelled, it won’t find it. And, it’s simply too much work. I find that it stops my writing flow in its track, whereas I never experienced this in Word.

Does this “wish list” request make sense? (To be clear, I’m not asking if anyone agrees with me, but rather, if I’ve made it clear as to what my “wish” actually is.)

Don’t click on the word first, just right click it - then you’ll get the spelling options, or at least a Look Up option, right at the top of the menu.

If the insertion point is in that word, move the mouse a little so that you’re right-clicking the word rather than the insertion point - there’s two different context menus, and if you right click the insertion point you don’t get the spelling options, but a right-click elsewhere in the word will show you them.

Brilliant. Even better. I’m not sure which I love more – Scrivener, or this support forum.

LOL, that had actually been confusing me for a bit as well, your post inspired me to finally pay more attention to it and figure out what the heck was happening. 8)

If you’re using a trackpad, tapping any word with three fingers (you don’t even have to select the word) will bring up the dictionary and thesaurus. Works in most apps.

[attachment=0]dictionary lookup.png[/attachment]

It might even work with a Magic Mouse…

I do use a trackpad. And now my mind has been completely blown.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Pleasure :wink:

I believe this will also be possible with a “force click” on the new MacBook 12" Retina model as well, so that you can use three-finger tap to select and drag, but I have yet to have the pleasure of playing with one of these pretty little machines as they are all sold out where I live. :imp:

(Apologies in advance if I have misunderstood you!) The three-finger tap to select and drag works on folders, drive icons, etc, and defaults to dictionary/thesaurus look up on individual text items. On multiple text items (with tap and hold), you can use use it to create snippets, move text, etc.

And yes, the new trackpads will use the force click to look up words:

Didn’t Keith mention in one thread that you’re in Cornwall now/soon (or am I losing my marbles and getting totally confused)? If you are, you’ll be able to take his rMB for a spin.

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Alcohol or a cream tea will distract him.

We’re all waiting to hear what Keith makes of the rMB as a partner for Scrivener… 8)

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