Spelling check problem

Something weird has just happened. I have merrily typed in my today’s nanowrimo contribution. I decided to just let typos and spelling mistakes stand and go back and correct them all at the end of the day’s writing. Now that I have finished, the red underlinings have all vanished! I’ve checked and ‘check typing as you type’ is still ticked in both the edit/spelling menu and in preferences. 'Check spelling is greyed out if I just select a document in the binder. It is active if I ‘select all’ in a document, but that doesn’t bring up the typos. It seems that the red underlining re-appears if I click on individual miss-spelled words.

I’ve just downloaded the new beta 4 and it is exactly the same.

Have I done something stupid?

Nope, nothing stupid - you have just come across one of the odd limitations of the Apple text system. :slight_smile: I see a lot of people complaining about exactly the same thing on the forums of other applications - this isn’t so much a Scrivener bug as an Apple one.

Basically, the red underlining is only shown as you type. When you come back to a document, the underlines are gone. Just use the spelling panel (available via the Edit menu) to check your spelling after the underlines are gone.

Like I say, this isn’t a Scrivener bug, but a problem with the Apple text system. I don’t know a way around it, sorry.

All the best,

Many thanks Keith. I do appreciate the prompt reply, particularly as you must be fully absorbed with issuing beta 4.