Spelling check problems

Apologies if this has come up before. I’m using 1.11 almost exclusively now and I find that Scrivener’s spell check system doesn’t seem to remember the spellings I’ve asked it to learn. I’m constantly adding character names and so forth and when they’re underlined in red I select “learn spelling.” That works for the current session, but the next day when I start again, the red line comes back.

Any solutions to this?

I ran into this problem awhile back.
This is a problem in the Apple Dictionary that comes installed with OSX and is not a Scriverner (SCR) specific problem but rather a bug maybe in the Dictionary program that comes with OSX.

Here is a discussion on it at the Apple Support Forums
discussions.apple.com/thread.jsp … &tstart=30

It appears to be effecting users in amny different programs that use the OSX Dictionary (ie. pages, keynote, SCR, text edit, etc…)

Hopefully this contexual menu bug (Learn Spelling) will be addressed and fixed by Apple soon. (I think it may since it also effects Pages sometimes)

Here is a work around that may help.
Highlight the word you wish to add to your DIctionary.

[size=200]⇧ ⌘ ;[/size]

(or use the contextual menu SPELLING…)
You should see your word in the box below the list in the pop up window (see picture above)
Click the LEARN button.
Now that word is added.
Now in the text box in that window select your word and delete it and type another custom word in and click LEARN.

Repeat this process as needed.
If you wish for the Dictionary to UNLEARN a word open the Spelling Dialog Box

[size=200]⇧ ⌘ ;[/size]

Type your custom word in the text dialog box below the list and then click FORGET and now your dictionary will UNLEARN that word.

Hope that helps?

Thanks, Wock, that’s very helpful.