Spelling check

Checking the spelling of a document that’s accidentally in US English - Scrivener finds the spellings, but no dialogue box comes up to offer alternatives (using either cmd+; or Edit/Spelling and grammar/Check document now). How can I get it to show a dialogue box? Or do I have to check-and-change each specific ‘harbor’ anew?
(By the way, can you bring back the path for these posts please, Webmaster? I hate that I have to navigate back physically to see the list, an easier way to check whether a post’s been answered and help given than continually reloading.)

Hi Maelduin,

I’ve been having similar problems with the checker myself.

See my post: [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/inconsistencies-with-spelling-and-grammar/44694/1]

Scrivener uses the built in spelling and grammar of Mac OS, and it’s likely your problem is there. I shut everything down and did a full reboot and that solved the issue for me. For a previous problem with the grammar checker not working, I had to do a reinstall. Eeek!

As for rectifying the issue with the language, there are online converters like http://www.us2uk.co.uk that convert spellings for you. It might not catch them all, but it could save you some work.