Spelling Correction Not Helpful

The spelling correction doesn’t seem to be working (right click and choose View Image to see the entire image):

BTW, your forum software cuts off larger images. You should be able to fix that with a setting somewhere.

Hello there,
Spelling correction works fine for me. Go to Tools/Options/Corrections and make sure you have the correct dictionary loaded and the settings are how you want them.

Yes, it usually works fine for me. But apparently sometimes Scriv puts the underlines in the wrong place. The above underlines are for “airbed” and “reinflated.”

That’s an odd one I haven’t seen. I gather if your right-click where the underline is, it gives you suggested spellings to replace “airbed” and “reinflated”?

Did you type this text into Scrivener, and the underlines appear in the wrong location as you were doing so, or are they underlines on text that was pasted or imported in? It seems like there’s some cross-communication somewhere about where the text, i.e. where the underlines should be drawn, and I’m wondering if some invisible junk characters got inserted in the text, which would be more likely if you had copied and pasted any text into the document (even if not the problem text, anywhere earlier in the document) or potentially if it were imported. Or have you edited the document outside of Scrivener? That seems less likely but it would certainly cause the project to get out of sync, so something of this nature could conceivably occur.

If you copy the paragraph with the mis-drawn line and paste into a new test document, are the lines still in the wrong place? or if you use Paste and Match Style in a second test document?

It’s behaving itself now, so I can’t try any of those experiments.

My entire project was initially imported from an openoffice document.

To convert double linebreaks into paragraph breaks, I copy text out of S into OO, run a replace, then copy it back. I don’t know if that was involved here. I do know that whenever I do that, it formats the paragraph in an unexpected way (6.93 inches right margin).

If it happens again I’ll look into it some more.

It happened again today, although the underline was only off by one character. The correct suggestions were displayed in the context menu, and when copying the text somewhere else, the underlining was correct. After playing around, the underlining corrected itself.

Based on my experience with other programs, I suspect that import operation is at the root of the problem.

Word processing / desktop publishing programs will sometimes use non-standard space characters for purposes of justifying or otherwise WYSIWYG’ing text. When I’ve had similar things happen, I’ve had to search for special characters in the imported content and replace those instances with standard spaces.

My surmise, then, is that some non-standard “gunk” was hidden in the source that confused the spell checker…

Cheers & hope this helps,

OK, it’s been happening regularly, and I found one cause.

Simply select some text at the beginning of a line which contains a misspelled word, and delete that text. The underline stays where it is although the text moves. This image shows the before (top) and after (bottom).