Spelling error issues[FIXED]

Aside from having issues where text will lag and show up after several minutes of freezing and then sometimes part of it is completely lost, I am having issues where the spelling error indicators are showing up in awkward places as in across several words or on words that are not spelled wrong at all “tire” for example.

I have this too.

e.g I typed his brown eyes crinklling up as he looked down Crinklling a typo but the red underscore appears under “looked down”

Already mentioned that it appears when you use contractions.

It does it for contractions for me as well. It is pretty frustrating to me… :confused:

This bug has been well, well documented. And it’s already been fixed. Check Lee’s Nov 4th update for more info. He’ll put out the updated version soon as they’re done tweaking other bugs.

Yes this bug has been fixed it is actually located in the 1.2 version which u can download from Lee’s post here -> dft.ba/-LeeOct29

Nah, the spelling issues aren’t in that fix; it’s in the upcoming one. It’s all here: