Spelling Error Wavy Line Is Now Barely Visible Dots

To give Version 3 a good shakedown using my own workflow, I’ve been using it to create a new novel, making sure I have an exact duplicate in Version As I was working with Beta 16 today, I noticed red wavy line under spelling errors disappeared, to be replaced by a barely visible line of miniscule dots. I closed and restarted Beta 16, but the issue persists. Don’t know why the wavy line disappeared. Still fine in

Just to clarify, since I’m editing the manuscript in Beta 16, I also have open at the same time, so I can make any changes there too. This has not been a problem.

I’ve noticed this too – so far as I’m aware, it’s new to Beta 16, not present in 15 and earlier – but I was leery of reporting it in case it was an intended feature rather than a bug. Glad someone else pointed it out, as the lack of visibility has been making it harder for me to catch typos!

…though possibly that’s on me for being more dependent on red squigglies than my own eye :wink:

And in dark mode it is virtually impossible to see.

I use light mode, and it’s no different.

Dear L&L team, As some people are finding this difficult, please could there be an option to choose between the original squiggles and the “light” version because personally I much prefer the light option – the old one was quite distracting. I don’t have any trouble with the new look (and my eyes, like the rest of me, are almost 60 years old), Many thanks.

Something halfway between the old and the new would be perfect for those of us with less than perfect vision - I think.

So maybe 3 choices: Light (v16 style), medium, and bold (v15 style)?

The old red wavy line was indeed a distraction, which I addressed by setting its color to black. The new dotted line is barely discernible in any color. I hope Scrivener will be flexible enough to adhere to the user’s aesthetic on this one.

Misspelling in Beta 16 (gray), and in this reply window within Firefox:
loooses.png Cheers - Jerome

I agree strongly with this. I have one project in which I write daily in Scrivener and then copy and paste into Wordpress. I used to catch all the errors in Scrivener. Since v16 I am catching most of them in Wordpress and having to go back into Scrivener to fix them.

I thought it was just me. Its good to know its not!

There will be a user option to adjust between the new and the old style in the next update.

Sounds great! Many thanks!

Excellent news. Many thanks for all your hard work.