Spelling highlights American EN even though that is the dictionary it is supposed to be using

I am using Version: (1812589) 64-bit - 18 Oct 2022 and have Options-Corrections-Spelling set to English (United States-en-us) however the system is highlighting all the American words (traveling vs travelling(UK) or color vs colour) which is annoying as I think I’ve misspelled a word when I open the doc.
What am I missing please??

I am writing for a USA audience but live in Canada

I am on Windows too, and this is what I get while using the EN US dictionary :


So if traveling is US and travelling is UK as you said, everything seems to work fine at my end.

And this is English Canada :

Else, once you know for sure the word is spelled right, you can always tell the corrector to ignore or learn its spelling. (Right click the word.)

If you have your Spelling dictionary set to American English but the corrections aren’t adhering to that dictionary, something definitely isn’t working correctly!

First, do you have a third-party editor like Grammarly or ProWritingAid in play? If so, you’ll need to check your settings with that tool, not with Scrivener, as they’ll override Scrivener’s spellcheck feature.

Next, try resetting your Scrivener options. Go to File → Options and click the “Manage” button at the bottom, then select the option to Save Options to File. This will preserve your existing settings so you can restore them later if you want. Then, click the “Defaults” button and restore Scrivener’s defaults. After you do that, change the spelling dictionary again and see if it works properly now.