Spelling in Scrivener 2 on Lion

Odd little problem. I’m editing an immense document, and have set the spelling to British English. But when I shut the computer down and restart, while Lion kindly reopens Scrivener at this document, and at the point where I was when I hit the Off button, it also reverts the spelling to US English.

I took a look at the System Prefs, but British English is first on the list there, so that shouldn’t be affecting this preference. Any ideas, Kevith or AmberV, or any others of you kindly users?

OS X is a bit odd about this, and there’s no way to save the spelling language per-app, unfortunately. Just having the language at the top of the “Language” list doesn’t affect the spelling - there’s a separate setting. So, back in System Preferences, in the “Language & Text” pane, click on the “Text” tab. There you will find a list of substitutions, and on the right the spelling language:

Change the spelling there and you should be good.

Hope that helps.

All the best,