A dialog box appears when non-english language is setup. I have a Swedish setup, and Scrivener protests that it can’t find the ‘sv_SE’ dictionary when it starts. I run on an ASUS X71 laptop with Windows 7.

I get this too, here is a screen shot of what I got. I don’t expect it to understand norwegian, but it is nice to know it tries to :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: That is nice to know.

Does this happen every time you restart or open a project? Spell checking isn’t completely wired up yet, so maybe some fail safe code got neglected. On English machines spell checking is just silently disabled.

Aren’t betas wonderful? All these discoveries to do. :stuck_out_tongue:

It happens every time you open or create a project.

I have the same problem. “Error loading dictionary. No word lists can be found for the language ‘nl_BE’”. My thought is that instead of copying the list files from Word or whatever program it’s supposed to get the file from, it’s creating an empty file and using that instead. That or there were supposed to be word lists present that aren’t yet.

I get this, too. My computer’s language is set to german (Windows 7) so of course I get it as “Error loading dictionary. No word lists can be found for the language 'de_DE.”

Funny thing is, I have to click OK twice to get rid of the box.

Thanks for reporting this.

There is an issue with foreign language dictionaries not being available in the beta I.e. Norwegian, French, Spanish, German, Italian etc.

A fix will need to augment the installer to pick the relevant dictionaries or have various internationalised versions of the installer available?

There are other issues with the dictionary detecting words and spaces which is another bug that needs fixing. It should however get rid of the dialogs and you can always switch off dictionary features in the last tab of the Edit>Options dialog in the interim.

Thanks again for your support and reporting this.

I get this, too. My computer’s language is Brazilian Portuguese (Windows 7 too) so I get it as “Error loading dictionary. No word lists can be found for the language 'pt_BR.”

I have the same probably (PT_BR). I think there should be a dialog box asking which language I’d like to set Scrivener for, because the program is assuming that just because my system is set up for PT_BR, my docs will also be in this language, which is definitely NOT the case.

By the way, I’m VERY interested in working with the translation into Portuguese! I have a bachelor’s degree in translation and a Master’s in Creative writing (in Australia), so I think I can pull it off. It would be great for my career.

Thanks Arauthus for the translation offer. I’ll keep you posted.

Did installing the files from the Portuguese language pack remove the dialog error for you?

Okay, I downloaded the swedish language files, unzipped them and put them in Scrivener/ASpell/dict, and got this:

Scrivener wouldn’t start, and I tried multiple times.

Since that appeared when I put the files in the folder, I removed them. Now Scrivener starts again.

Windows 7 here, 2gb RAM, on a laptop.

I put the language files in the dic folder in aspell and still it doesn’t find it, and I have tried to restart the program, not the pc though, so thats next, sometimes that makes things better.

The “no language” message thingy actually appears two times on startup.

Same problem here, same solution (deleting the files again)
Windows XP

I have the same problem as Max. Language dialog pop up twice, tried to install the language pack (swedish) after that Scrivener wont start. Had to uninstall the laguage pack.

Win 7

I’m sorry about this. I’ve had to apply the fix in Beta 2 code to prevent the error message popup.
My current thinking is this will be released in two weeks.

No sweat, mate. It’s a first beta. :smiley:

Since you don’t switch files a lot you also don’t see the double dialog a lot

Does anyone know where I can download the language packs?

As a datapoing, I’d rather have several internationalised versions, or at least a pick of languages, as my Windows language (French) is not the one I write in (English). But I’m aware I’m in the minority here :slight_smile:

Okay, so I just have one question. Sorry if it doesn’t quite fit the subject but I guess it’s related.
Is it because of that missing foreign dictionary (French in my case) that Scrivener doesn’t check my words? I just downloaded the new beta and though the message doesn’t appear anymore (thanks very much by the way :smiley:), it still doesn’t check anything. And I mean, I see all these dictionaries in “Scrivener\Aspell” and I’m just wondering how can one switch from one to the other.

+1 on getting the “Can’t find nb_NO dictionary” pop-up twice at startup. I understand getting it once, but getting it twice in a row is a bit odd.